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Who do you fight for? An NFL/Game of Thrones Analysis

By: Jacob Miller

There are numerous forms of entertainment that inspire love, devotion and heated conversations from their fans, perhaps none more so than the lauded book series turned epic TV show, Game of Thrones. Indeed, one can hardly go on social media without seeing mention of Jon Snow’s origin story.

If there is a rival for world’s most obsessive fan base, it very well may be those of the National Football League. Crazed fanatics engage in heated debates on everything from blitz packages to Tom Brady’s personal cookbook.

On Sunday evenings, Game of Thrones fans tune in to watch a handful of noble families vie for the same prize. For glory, for honor, for The Iron Throne. Similarly, in the NFL a handful of successful teams all vie for their own throne. For glory, for honor, for The Super Bowl. The comparison are fun, fruitful, and of course, up for constant debate.

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